Corporate Democracy & the Language of the Neo-Cons

by James Clair Lewis

The Tea Party and Libertarian Movements are funded by NeoCon Corporations, like Koch Industries, the largest privately held Oil Corporation in America (Stainmaster Carpets). Exxon Mobile spent $200 million funding Climate Denial, but the Koch brothers out spent them

[sarcasm] We know how hard it is to stay informed, or even to vote. Corporate Democracy solves that problem.

The CEOs of the major corporations are experienced leaders, used to making difficult decisions on a daily basis. They understand the intricacies of economics, and world politics, since they deal with these thorny issues which affect the lives of billions of people, as routine matters. Moreover, CEOs are privy to information not available to the general public, and thus, they are better informed than common people, and their decisions exceed in wisdom, compared to that of the ignorant masses.

Under Corporate Democracy the people are relieved of these burdens, freeing them to watch more Reality TV, & sporting events, secure in the knowledge that those with greater wisdom are making the enormously difficult world and economic policy decisions for them. Under Corporate Democracy votes are apportioned according to the size of the corporation, ensuring that those corporations whose operations are on the largest scale, will have the most say in world decision-making.

We should be grateful to these Captains of Industry for making this opportunity available to us!


The Language of the Neo-Cons

by James Clair Lewis

The thing I would want Conservatives & Libertarians to understand, is that when Liberals or Left-wing Progressives use words like Freedom & Democracy, we mean the same things that you do. We merely disagree about the implementation.

Neo-Cons, on the other hand, do not mean the same things, when they use those words. When Neo-Cons use words like Freedom & Democracy, they mean free-rein for Corporations, and Corporate control of politcal processes. They give lip-service to Free Enterprize, making it appear that they support small businesses, & individual effort. What they are intent upon, is monpolistic control of the economic landscape, reducing everybody not part of their tiny clique of multi-billionaires, to virtual serfdom at the lowest wages possible in an over-populated world. That is what they really mean by Globalization.

Multi-national corporations do not have alliegences to countries, rather, they like to acquire them. Many countries around the world are already in effect the property of multi-national corporations. Usually these have been small corupt dictatorships bought for chump change in bribes, allowing the multi-nationals to determine the entire economic landscape to suit their needs. However, increasingly they have been oustensibly democracies, which are a bit more complex to dominate.

The multi-national acquisition of the United States has been proceeding slowly, but steadily for a long time. The Free Trade & Guest Worker programs are designed to lower wages here, & bring them in alignment with the poverty that engulfs most of the world.

What people say, tells you what they want you to think. What people do, tells you what they think. In terms of Politics you compare the words used, with the actions taken, and then the intentions become clear. Globalization is the process by which wages & standards of living of workers in the most developed countries are lowered to match that of a world-wide average of over-populated poverty.

One of the most powerful techniques that these NEOCON Globalists use, is the changing of the definition of words. This is what George Orwell called, NewSpeak. Change the definition of a word, and when somebody uses the word intending the original meaning, other people will think they are saying something very different.

A good example of this, is the word, Socialism. The NEOCONS used Republican Think Tanks to change the original definition of Socialism to that of Communism in public usage. Real Socialism is very different, and all governments, whether they be good or bad, employ some degree of Socialism.

Real Socialism is merely government services available to the general public. These are things like streets, roads, & highways, National Parks, the Fire Department, and the Public Library. Police, the Court system, and the Military, are also socialist institutions. Some cities own their own Water, and Power generation facilities. This is socialism, and where people have this going, they always get lower rates.

A Single-payer Health Care system would be socialism. As a matter of fact, the Constitution says that only Congress has the right to coin money. That makes the FED an illegal institution. Now if the government seized the assets of the FED, and had Congress overseeing its operations, that would be legal, Constitutional, a real darned good idea, and... Socialism. It would also wipe out most of the National Debt.

Fascism always dresses itself up as being Patriotic, and for Liberty

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