The Illuminati Conspiracy Theories, and the Climate Denial Hoax

By James Clair Lewis 2009 (updated 2013)

Much has been made in the Conspiracy Theories about how the Illuminati control the world, and are also seeking total world domination. You can't have that both ways. Either they control everything, or they don't. Well, they don't, but they sure would like to.

I've been aware of the Conspiracy Theories (which originated with the John Birch Society, funded by the father of the Koch brothers) since the late 1960s, and I most certainly enjoyed the Illuminatus fiction books by Robert Shea, and Robert Anton Wilson, which became very popular during the mid 1970s, and early 1980s. Those books managed to include just about every Conspiracy Theory around from all sources imaginable, and maybe from a few sources which aren't imaginable at that!

Now if you really, really dig into these Conspiracy Theories, you will find two things :

A) Some come from people doing real researching into skullduggery in high places. These get little press, and are soon forgotten. Often they are true

B) The most popular and widely spread Conspiracy Theories, originate from Think Tanks funded by major Corporations.

That's right! The Conspiracy Theories which supposedly expose the evil doings of the Illuminati are, in fact, written by the Illuminati themselves. So they don't tell you the truth. What they tell you, is what the Elite want you to believe. They magnify the power of the Illuminati way beyond the power they actually possess. These people are power-mad beyond belief, and there is no way that such people could ever cooperate with each other to the extent that they claim.

In other words, these Conspiracy Theories are a Psy-Ops designed to instill fear and confusion. The people who believe in these Conspiracy Theories written by the Illuminati, are not mainstream thinkers. They are people who crave to be a sort of special elite, possessing Insider Information. Now get them all chasing their tails in fits of paranoia, and their effect upon society becomes essentially nullified... or worse, they can be used to further the aims of the very people they claim to oppose. So now you know what the purpose of the Conspiracy Theories actually are : DISINFORMATION.

During the Reagan, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr Regimes, Climate Science was ignored by the government. Reagan even removed the Solar Power which President Jimmy Carter had placed on the White House. (I should also point out that while it has never been conclusively proven, that there is evidence that the Republicans (through George Bush, SR, who as CIA Director, was conducting the hostage negotiations) paid Iran to hold the hostages, until after the Election, so that Reagan could get in, and then proceed to quadruple the National Debt through Military Industrial Complex spending)

So Climate Denial has always been a Republican thing, but when the Democrats have been in power, steps (weak ones) were taken to do something about it. Ever notice that politicians who are Climate Deniers get most of their funding from the Oil Corporations, and Big Agra? That's not an accident. That's not even a Theory. It is a fact. The Oil Corporations, (especially Exxon/Mobile), and Big Agra are most responsible for the pollution linked to Climate Change, so they are funding the efforts of Climate Denial for the sake of their PROFITS.

I should also point out that Koch Industries, (the largest privately owned Oil Corporation in America), is financing the Tea Party Movement. Again we see Fascism playing dress up in the guise of Patriotism, and Liberty. If the Tea Party Movement manages to get the Republican Party back into full power in 2012 (or ever), then we would get the Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Chipping, and everything else they have been screaming about

The Tea Party Movement says it is about small government. The people running the Tea Party Movement want weak government. A weak government can't regulate Corporations, or prevent them from doing harm to public health, or the environment. Additionally, a weak government is easy for Corporate Special Interests to take over. See how that works?

Much has been made of the fact that Al Gore has heavily invested in Green Technologies. Much more would have been made of it, if he hadn't. Have you ever considered the concept of investing in something you believe in? That might be a hard concept to accept for somebody who doesn't believe in anything.

Do I think Al Gore is perfect? Of course not! Like every honest person on the planet, he is figuring things out, as he goes along. Only recently, has he been figuring out that the Meat Industry is actually more responsible for the Global Warming that we are responsible for, than the Oil Technologies. Well, Dennis Kucinich, is a bit further along in his thinking and practice.

Some more things I should point out.

Methane is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Factory Meat Farms produce tons of methane. Meat eating is actually doing more harm to our environment, than all the cars and trucks, etc in the world. AND, we do not need to eat meat

Did you know that if you have a pot of water being heated that contains ice cubes, that the water will remain near its initial temperature, until all the ice cubes have melted? After that, the water heats up very rapidly. This is known as Latent Heat, and this is what is happening at our poles right now, as the ice sheets and glaciers melt first

There is a cascade effect going on with multiple causes. That's right. You can have several different causes involved in creating an effect. Our part of this is involved with the Oil Technology (which just happens to be a major cause of cancer), and the Factory Farming of meat by Big Agra. From these huge releases of GreenHouse gasses, the PermaFrost is beginning to melt. That releases tons of Methane which will further heat things up on a Global Scale, and do it progressively.

Now with the permafrost melting and releasing megatons of frozen arctic methane, we have a climate feedback loop, which could get completely out of control, and it is our fault

The Conspiracy Theories would have you believe that the Republicans and the Democrats are merely two sides of one coin. That's not true. It is Nihilism designed to discourage people from engaging in the political process, and leaving the field open to Corporate control. The Republicans are completely owned by Corporate Special Interests. The Democrats, not so much. The Democrats are a generally moderate party, and they have not figured out that there is a difference between the Corporate Economic System of the Stock Market, and the Free Enterprise system of private businesses (not traded on the Stock Market).

This is what we have to fix, and it will not be fixed just by pressuring government to fix it. We have to assume personal responsibility by changing our lifestyles towards not contributing to the mess, as much as we urge government to deal with it. I barely use my car, and I have an Organic Garden. I recycle anything that might have value, and am well on the way to creating a zero footprint on the Earth.

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