What is Love?
So tumultuous, overpowering, all-emcompassing, all-embracing
The Supreme Gift, a Transcendendal Revelation
a fleeting pleasure, a sacrifice
a little favor, a moment, Eternity
a smile, a gesture, a nod, a wink
water for a thirsty plant
spare change for the homeless
A Lifetime of Work
children, parents, sisters & brothers
your best friend, your worst enemy
a white lie, a deception
a sparing protection, the awful truth
illusions, hopes & fears
steadfastness, dependability, the Unknown
Ritual, Obligation, Commitment
certainty, doubt, all of the above
What is Love?


What is Love?
a stone placed on a grave
a line, a circle. a glyph
traced in the sand
a Monument
the newborn, dying
the crippled and broken, striving
a weed growing through a crack
The alphabet of the unspoken
and all the words that will ever be printed
behind the eyes of a pet
new blossoms and old leaves
tracks in the snow
a broken promise, a promise fulfilled
a gathering, and a separation
certainty, doubt, all of the above

What is Love?


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