Beyond the timeless sea
That flows through all existance
Is there else, but the knowledge
That all be filled and fulfilled?
And as inevitably as the tide
That casts the unbinding message
Amoung the windless leaves
That they might breath deeply,
And burst from the Tree, to
Fertilize both the heights & the depths
With their Wordless knowledge,
Each Spark of the Spirit
Will walk its path
From the Valleys to the mountain
That we may all cease
To be unliving, unfulfilled beings,
But to walk, instead,
With the forceless grace
That is our birthright,
And our source, and our future.
Is it else, but your past
That has led you
To your present insight?
Is not the present, the forge
With which you remake yourself
In the image of all your deeds?
Your tears are your baptism;
Therefore, let your baptism
Also be for joy and wonder.
The Rain that cleanses
And purifies the valley
Is the sky's anointment
For your tears and rage.


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