I drilled out drainage holes for the pots which needed them. The pallets are slats and 1 1/2 by 3s, so they can hold the pots, but don't weigh much. The pots are spread out on the pallets, and the pallets are spread out on the roof. This distributes the weight, so that it doesn't become a burden for the roof. Note that the runner slats at the bottom of the pallets are positioned so that water can run off the roof without collecting anywhere.

While transplanting into pots up there, a Bee came along, and inspected each plant. After the inspection the Bee flew over to me, and made a quick little Spiral in the air, before taking off. Nice to get High-Fived by a Bee, don't you think?

The neighbor directly behind me complained to the city. The city inspector checked it all out, and even examined inside to see if the joists of the roof could handle the load. It was concluded that what I was doing, was structurally sound.

However, I was in violation of certain safety regulations. The city said I would need stairs going up to the roof, rather than a ladder, and also a perimeter railing. Additionally, they figured that the slope of this roof was too steep, and that I would have to put a flat deck up there.

I've been doing Tai Chi since 1973, and when I had a 32 foot boat back East, I would practice the slow Tai Chi in the stern, while we were going through swells. So you can imagine how much sense this makes to me

Such a deck would add so much weight, that I would also need to reinforce the house itself. At that rate, I might as well tear the whole house down, and build another one with a second floor, and a full basement of rooms and special infrastructure with cisterns for rain water and grey water filtering systems, plus battery storage for the solar panels on the roof, facilities for waterless composting toilets, and a few other things.

How about an underground home movie theatre? It would always be cool down there, and you'd need to wear a jacket, just like in a real movie theatre! An underground game room would be nice, too. Pinball, video games, a pool table, and ping pong!

Since that house would be vertical, rather than horizontal, I would gain ground space for Garden, more Fruit Trees, and a Concord Grape arbor, since they do like to grow near the ocean

So now everything has been moved down, and the plants are growing in their pots in the driveway. My next door neighbor was disappointed. He said the rooftop Garden looked cute

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