I got interested in this in the late 1980s, when I was shooting video on the boat I had in NBPT Mass, the Sea Jay. Yes, beginning with video as a way to get into still photography, is a bit backwards. Isn't it? I've never had a really good camera, so I could do nothing with the focus or depth of field, but I think I've come up with some good stuff anyway, using a 35mm point and shoot.

Now first of all, there is what is really there. This will always be different from what I would see, or you would see, or even what the camera would see. So I have used computer filters to show you how these places view themselves. And that is as close to what is really there, as you can get...

Each of the pics below links to a page of photos. Many lead to pages whose pics lead to even more pages of photos. So there is more here, than appears. Many things are like that...

Coral Canyon Before the Fire

The Santa Monica Mountains

The Road to Mecca

Head in the Clouds

Over Your Head

Chalk It Up

Lookout Point One

Lookout Point Two

Madrona Marsh

Pismo Beach

Joshua Tree 1

Joshua Tree 2

East and West

Garden : June 2009

Garden 1

Backyard Garden 1

Front Garden

The Rooftop Garden

Reseda One

Reseda Two

Reseda Three

Reseda Four

Backbone Trail One

Backbone Trail Two

Backbone Trail Three

Backbone Trail Four

Backbone Trail Five

June Garden 2011

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