Value Judgements

by James Clair Lewis

I was visiting a friend, when I stepped out on her balcony. Across from it is a tree I'm rather fond of. I don't know what kind of tree it is, but it is rather unusual. It has a unique way of extruding its seeds out on stalks in clusters. Anyway, Some leaves had dropped off, and were entangled over & around a cluster of these stalks with seeds extending from them. I got a broom, and very gently caught the edges of the leaf cluster, lifting it out of the entanglement, to drop harmlessly down to the ground below.

In response I got vibes from the tree, that I was making value judgements. It hadn't mattered to the tree whether or not a few dead leaves were entangled over & around one of its clusters of stalks bearing seeds. There were even a few new leaf stalks extruding themselves from the tree that would have pushed the dead leaves out anyway, after some time. Value judgements are not something made in the Plant Kingdom. That's something that only ambulatory life forms do....

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