The Tools and the Practice

by James Clair Lewis


Mental Yoga/Occult Exercises

Lucid Dreaming Exercises

The Spiritual Tarot

The Language of Deeds

Spiritual Momentum

The Astral World

The Word of God

Heart and Soul

Five Methods

Air, Water, and Fire You are a Standing Wave in transition

Creating the Future

Conflict Resolution on the Higher Planes

The Application of Gravitation

Contact at Craney Hill, New Hampshire : 1975

Principles of Magick

Magick and Responsibility

The Magnetic Pole Flip and DNA Activation

Spell for a Perfect Ordinary Day

Points of View

Tantra, the Subtle Embrace

The Mothership

Sachahambi's Spell

About the Moving Mandalas

Spiritual Self-Healing

Towards Enlightenment

The Metaphysical Pages

The Moving Mandalas

The Gaian Dragon I Ching

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