The Metaphysical Pages

by James Clair Lewis

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The point is, that the Time has come for what has been Hidden to be Revealed, and for Knowledge to be available to those who Seek it. Everything you will find here is pointed towards things that you can put to use : Principles, Processes, and Techniques. This is my Love for you. Use it with Respect, create wonderful things, and magnificient Discoveries

We are not here to dominate or exploit the other forms of Life. We are here to tend to their needs

There is Enlightenment in seeing how things actually are, while recognizing the possibilities of what could be. From this, one figures out how to get there from here. You are the part of the Equation who fills in the blank.

Life speaks to Life, and sings itself through all of its Forms. Life sings in Light, Wind, Water, and arises from the Earth. Life is Pure, and Virtuous. Life is Joyous, and Transcendent. Life is all there is, and this is what you are! Sing your Life in the Grand Chorus of the Universe!

The True Gospel will never be found within the pages of any book, but it can be seen within the Hearts of all who love the Divine.

We are not saved by seeking God. Let go, and let yourself be found by All that loves you!

You deserve nothing less.

Be the Blessing that all most desire in their inmost Hearts.

This is the Way that it is done...

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