How Ought It to Be?

by James Clair Lewis

When writing something of this nature, a solid approach is to ask yourself the question, "How ought it to be?"

After all, you want it to be real, and you want it to work. Since your desire is sincere, and you are willing to make the effort, this question is worthy of the attention of the Divine. With this question of, "How ought it to be?", your human Ego demonstrates that it is willing to listen to what your Soul has to say. The Soul, being that part of you which has always been connected directly with the Divine, knows the answers to these questions. The only problem has been getting the Ego to listen.

Let me give you an example. I desire to live an Enlightened life. So I ask myself, "What would I be doing right now, if I were Enlightened?" When I get a good idea of what that probably is, I go out & simply do it. If I have listened well to the Wisdom of my Soul, then everything falls into place exactly as it should be.

The Ego, being a focal point, will naturally want to take care of its own needs, & desires. The Soul has a greater Wisdom, since it includes both that which is personal, and that which is Universal...

How ought it to be?

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