The Green Gospel of Life

by James Clair Lewis

After the Beginning, in which the Divine emanated the Cosmic Laws around which this Universe formed itself, the Twin Flames of Life entered, and sought out worlds for manifestation. These Twin Flames of evolving life are of equal sentience, but each is of a wholly different order. Plants are the Yin side of the Twin Flames of Life, while Animals represent the Yang side.

Plants are imbued with their knowledge right to the core of their being. Their forms are their statements to the world. It is through the highly developed empathic sense, that we can learn how to communicate with them at the deeper levels of consciousness in which they dwell.

The forms of Plant leaves match those of sound waveforms, when graphed on polar coordinates. Thus, Plants are ideal receivers, and transmitters of vibration. Plants are innately aware of all of our vibrations of thought, and feeling, but we have to work to develop that ability.

Plants are the great providers of the Universe, because this is how they emulate the Divine. Plants produce the air we breathe, and the food we eat. Among Plants can be found the cures for all maladies, and most of the basic materials for making anything we might need. Plants flourish, when we attend to their needs. They do poorly, when exploited. That is true of all living things.

The focus of consciousness among Plants is upon being, while the focus of consciousness among Animal lifeforms, is upon doing. Thus, Plants and Animals are equal in Nature, but of a completely different order. Most of what plants do, is an expression of their being, while an Animal lifeform's focus upon doing, can hide from it the nature of its being. So while Plants live in a state of meditation, an Animal lifeform must deliberately decide to meditate.

The range of sentience of Plant and Animal lifeforms is equal, ranging from simple consciousness up to Cosmic consciousness, and beyond. Certain Plants, known as Entheogens, have evolved the properties to communicate with Animal lifeforms, when consumed. In these communications they experience Animal life consciousness, while imparting their knowledge of Enlightenment to us, as Illuminated Guides.

When the Twin Flames fully know, and understand each other, then all Life will flourish.

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