Five Methods

By James Clair Lewis

These exercises should be used in combination with my set of Lucid Dreaming Exercises. You can also find the complete set of Mental Yoga Exercises : here.

The Sweep

For all of these exercises you will lie down on your back on a mat, your bed, or fine Oriental rug. This exercise is the simplest, and should be used for one whole month before moving on to the next exercise. Start with the practice of five minutes per day and gradually work up to a half hour by the end of the month.

Visualize a sphere of clear light in your head. Inhale, and focus your consciousness in your head. Exhale & sweep your consciousness, and the ball of clear light down to the feet. and then back up. At first you will move the focus of your awareness, but as your become more used to this Practice, you will be moving the location of your consciousness.

The Jewel in the Lotus

These exercises employ internal Mantra, that is, the Mantra will be sounded in your Mind in the specified Occult center, rather than audibly, as Mantra generally are used. This is to focus the energy internally, rather than externally. Also, it will not bother your neighbors...

Use the mantra, Aum Mane Padme Hum as you inhale, and its second part, Om Tat Sat Aum, as you exhale. Visualize a light of pearl at the thalamus. Slowly expand it to fill your head, then contract it back to the thalamus. Now slowly expand it to fill your whole aura, & contract it back to the thalamus. Repeat for five minutes, gradually increasing the time to 30 minutes over the course of the second month. Use the Jewel in the Lotus exclusively for one week, & then alternate each day with the Sweep for the rest of the second month.


For the first week of the third month, you will use this exercise. After that you will alternate each day between the Sweep, the Jewel in the Lotus, and the AUM exercises. Focus your consciousness in the thalamus. Now move it forward to the pituitary gland at the base of the sphenoid bone behind the eyes. Inhale on the thalamus, & exhale on the pituitary. As you inhale, mentally sound, AUM. As you exhale, mentally sound, um. Begin the second month using the AUM exercise for five minutes, and gradually increase the time to 30 minutes.

Meditation 101

Volumes have been written on the benefits of meditation. Here is the simplest & most effective method I have found. It was taught by Ramana Maharshi. Sit in a comfortable posture (either a Yoga posture or in a chair with your legs out, & your hands draped near your knees) with your eyes open. Now focus your consciousness on your consciousness. That's it. That's all there is to it. Ignore what you see & hear around you; focus your consciousness on that part of you which is aware, & not upon the objects of your awareness. Words & thoughts will stream through your mind; ignore them: focus your consciousness on your consciousness. Images & even emotions will come to distract you; pay them no heed : remain calm & concentrate on only one thing, your consciousness itself. When you are meditating, do not become distracted by external or internal phenomena. It is so simple, & yet it is quite hard.


Psychic powers cannot manifest without good integration of the right & left brain lobes. Use the Tao exercise exclusively for the first week of the fourth month. Then alternate each day between the Sweep, the Jewel in the Lotus, AUM, and the Tao exercises. Gradually increase the time you use the Tao exercise from five minutes at the beginning of the month to thirty minutes by the end of the month.

Focus your consciousness at the thalamus, and sound Tao on the inhalation, and the exhalation four times. Now drag the consciousness over to the right lobe of the brain, while mentally sounding Yin on the inhalation. Then push the consciousness over to the left lobe of the brain on the exhalation, while mentally sounding Yang through the corpus callosom which wraps above the thalamus. Continue back and forth between the right & left brain lobes... Yin/Yang, Yin/Yang...

It's not easy at first. BUT, you will discover that the focal point of your consciousness can change & move about. For this exercise, you take the focus of your consciousness away from its usual resting place just above & behind the eyes, and move it into the right lobe of the brain. Then you move the focal point of your consciousness over to the left lobe of your brain. Back & forth. When you consciousness is focused in the right lobe of your brain, it will feel that that is where it is, & you will begin to see in your Mind's Eye the actual structures of the right lobe of your brain. The same with the left lobe of the brain. While you are moving the focal point of your consciousness from one to the other, you should feel like a wave of energy is splashing back & forth inside your head from side to side.

The neural conduit between the right & left lobes of the brain is known as the corpus collosum. It is located just above the thalamus (Crown Chakra, Third Eye) at the center of the brain. In women this structure is somewhat larger than in men. However, men have more connective structures between the front of the brain, and the back end of the brain. Thus men & women have equal intelligence, but for different reasons.

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