The 50% Solution

by James Clair Lewis

"One for me, and one for you. Two for me, and two for you."

It is a deceptively simple formula, but when properly understood, it is one that will change the world. The idea is to balance personal and universal motivations. When you do this, you will be able to take care of all of your own needs, and at the time time, be able to do much to ease the suffering in the world.

It happens with some people on the Spiritual Path, that they devote so much effort into furthering Enlightenment in the world, that they completely exhaust themselves, and collapse. At that point they really aren't any good for themselves, or for anybody else, until after they recover. This is why it is better to balance your efforts both personally, and universally. The balance ensures that you will not burn out, and that you can sustain everything you are doing, thus enabling you to accomplish much more.

Now when you do as much for others, as you do for yourself, people become more inclined to attend to your needs. You don't even have to ask, quite often, because they will want to help you out. This turns out to be as good for them, as it is for you. The mutual support becomes greater than the efforts of all of the individuals involved put together.

It also makes the activities of entirely selfish people, much more apparent. Selfish people get what they want, by taking away from others. They bully and manipulate. Such things are not condoned in a community based upon mutual support. In this way the selfish isolate themselves, eventually losing all that they have stolen from others.

As Humanity grows up, these networks of mutual support will grow and spread around the world. Poverty and Injustice will vanish from the face of the Earth forever. Now you might wonder just when these things will come to be. Actually, the process is already well underway, as evidenced that you are reading this, and now these ideas are within your mind, just waiting for you to implement them.

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