Dealing with Anger

by James Clair Lewis

Anger focuses the Mind, but it also narrows it. You never find a solution when you are angry.

There is an interesting thing about the things that make us angry. When you share a good trait with someone else, that is never a problem. It is always easy to share a good trait with someone else. On the other hand, when someone possesses a bad trait that you also happen to have, it will drive you right up the wall with anger. It is nigh on close to impossible to share a bad trait with someone else.

So there is a big clue as to why you get angry, & what will trigger it, but how to deal with it is a more subtle matter. You have to understand the process. Emotions always seek expression. If an emotion you are holding onto, doesn't get expression in one way, then it will express itself in another. Since you have developed some occult abilities, your emotions can express themselves through them.

Spellwork is a formal, and conscious process for expressing ones desires, and bringing them into Manefestation. BUT, the same processes are operative through our attitudes in general, and the feelings we hold subconsciously. This is why meditation, Devotional work, and the refinement of character, should always be coupled with occult development. You can work a lot of damage without consciously intending to do so.

The affixing of blame to external things, like other people, and apparent conditions in the Material World, is something that the UnEnlightened Ego is wont to do. It's really quite easy, after all. However, situations, and conditions in the external world never occur, unless there are present conditions on the higher planes that allow them to come into Manefestation. Thus, nothing can ever happen in the external world, without there being some component within yourself, that lets it happen. So when you are dealing with some sort of conflict, you should find what part you played in it. Most likely, it will be only some tiny thing, but that is quite enough to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Now I'm not saying that you are completely responsible for everything that happens. I'm just saying that when you discover what part you've played in it, that it will become something that you can deal with. Releasing attachment to conflict, selfish desires, and the affixing of blame onto external things, will go a long way towards changing everything that can possibly happen around you.

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