A Garden of Philosophy

by James Clair Lewis

When planning a Garden, I think it is always best to consult the plants themselves. They know more about how they would like to grow, than we ever will. After all, they've had a couple billion more years to figure these things out, than we have.

They like curves, and not straight lines. So arrange your paths around the patches of plants. The Garden is about the plants, and not about us. A Labyrinth of flagstones around the patches of plants, gives you easy enough access to any place you might need to work on, and the visual effect can be stunning. What you end up with, is a very productive Garden, that appears to have just happened, wildly in Nature.

Please use flagstones, so that small wildflowers, (you might call them weeds), have some space for themselves. They are here for a reason, and actually help out in many ways. Clover, (for example), fixes nitrogen in the soil. Many common weeds, are actually rather good to eat. Generally, they have a higher vitamin & mineral content, than the plants we cultivate. Wild Radish, & Wild Mustard are delicious!

When the Season is done, I harvest & compost the wildflowers. This makes for a very rich compost, so nothing is wasted. When we tend & co-operate with Nature, Nature will co-operate & nourish us. That probably is why the Plants allowed ambulatory creatures like us to evolve on this planet in the first place.

Please do not pour any concrete anywhere near a Garden. Every day I see people spraying down their sidewalks, and I swear that all it does, is make the stuff grow. Look around you! It is everywhere!!! hehehe

I'm sure you are all familiar with the researches of Dr. Emoto of Japan with water. He exposes various sources of water to thought, freezes the water, and then examines the pattern displayed in the ice crystals. What he has found, is that polluted water produces distorted ice crystals, and that water exposed to negative thought also produces distorted ice crystals.

On the other hand, pure water displays beautifully organized crystals, as does water exposed to positive thought. This means that water is very sensitive to thought, and reflects the qualities of thought it is exposed to.

Now consider that fruit has a lot of water in it. That water in the fruit will naturally be embued with the vibes of the tree who grew it. I Love my Garden. The trees who grow there are personal friends, and I hold them in the same esteem that I hold for friends of my own species. They know this, because they have less difficulty reading my thoughts than any human psychic, besides which, we usually talk every day for a little while...

I'm certain that this is reflected in the qualities of the fruit these trees produce. When I pick one from the tree, I get this wave of energy rippling through me & out into the world, that says, *Thank you*, and *I love you* When I eat the fruit, I can feel the tree enjoying the delight I find in it.

Now there is one Plum tree in my yard, and there is another Plum tree who leans over from my neighbor's place into mine. Naturally, I gather from both trees. Yesterday I was eating some of this fruit which I had picked a few days ago. Both are simply fabulous. The first plum carried the vibe of the tree who grows in my yard, and the other plum carried the vibe of the other tree.

I've always enjoyed eating organic fruit, but what is growing here, is on a whole other order altogether. This is not merely good fruit. These are Jewels of Energy. Seriously, it is more like eating a most Spiritual Spell, than it is like eating some excellent food...

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