Myofascial Skin Rolling

by James Clair Lewis

Now this can be painful, especially when the skin has adhered to the muscles underneath, but the results are such an improvement in mobility that it is worth it.

Take a "pinch" of skin with your fingers, and roll it across the body. If the skin is stuck to the muscles underneath, then it will have been hurting everytime you tried to use those muscles. Essentially, what you are doing here, is separating the skin from the muscle, so that each can do what they are supposed to do without interference from the other.

With scars you will need to "roll" the skin in several directions over the scar to break up the adhesions. This may take several treatments that have to be spread out over several days. Also, you may need to use ice after a treatment, because in essense, you are re-injuring the body, so that it can heal properly.

When this painful course of treatment is complete, the muscles will be firing the way they were intended to. The skin will naturally flow over the muscles, as it was designed to do. With scars, you will also see a reduction is size, and the color will blend in better with the surrounding skin.

One further note I must add, is that this technique is NOT to be done on the face. Loose skin on the face will look saggy, and I'm sure nobody wants that...

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