Spiritual Self-Healing Technique

by James Clair Lewis

This is a fairly simple and basic technique, which employs visualization, and a mantra for healing an affected part of your physical body. It's pretty effective, too!

This technique gathers the healing power of the Divine, and activates the recouperative processes of the body. It uses the silent (not audible) mantra, Vau (pronounced VAW), which is to be sounded mentally with each inhalation & exhalation of the breath.

Lie down on your back in a comfortable position, using pillows behind your head & neck, and underneath your thighs just above the knee joint, as needed. Let your hands be at your sides, or be clasped across your adomen. Begin by relaxing the Mind, and opening it to the Higher Plane of Divine Life.

Inhale, thinking the mantra, Vau, and draw Divine healing energy into your aura. Exhale, thinking the mantra, focusing your awareness in the solar plexus. Inhale energy with the mantra, and expand the chakra of the solar plexus to encompass it. Now exhale, thinking the mantra, and direct the Healing thought into the affected area. Repeat this sequence, until the Heart Chakra feels full, (and before you get a "heart-burn" sensation hehehe).

Then spend five to fifteen minutes, using the silent mantra, Vau, as you inhale & exhale, with your consciousness centered exclusively in the affected area. When you are done, take a short walk, or go about your normal activities. This technique should be used in combination with any other physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing modalities that you are already employing to get well.

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