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Please be patient while I get these pages written & uploaded. What is intended is a series of articles that will explain how to use the various techniques. This should help you a great deal as supplemetary material for school.

In 1970 I was blessed by meeting Karmu, the Holy One. He was a Master Healer who lived in Cambridge Mass in Central Square. By day he was an auto mechanic in his shop in Alston, and known as Edgar Warner. At night he became Karmu, the Holy One. People of all walks of Life and age came to visit Karmu, and there was always a pot of stew on the stove. Boisterous, and enthusiastic, Karmu was always willing to give people a 'Plus Element', as he liked to term it. I believe the most important lesson he taught me as a Healer, was how to love people. There is nothing more healing, than Love.

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Healing the Healer

How to give yourself a Treatment

Six Small Meals a Day

Spiritual Self-Healing Technique

The Dural Tube

The Back Roller and the Neck Roller

Treating the Patient

You Are a Standing Wave in Transition

The Three Elements of Healing

Intuitive Massage

Rocking the Joint

Myofascial Skin Rolling

Cranial Sacral Therapy

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