Intuitive Massage

by James Clair Lewis

Everything is connected to everything else, so it often happens that the place that hurts, is not where the problem is. A stronger, bigger muscle that has gotten too tight, may be exerting a pull above or below it, and that is where the patient feels the pain.

These are things you will discover, while doing a diagnostic Swedish Massage, but will have to address later on, using Deep Tissue, Myofascial or other methods. With Intuitive Massage, you listen to what the patient's body is telling you. As you are working, you will feel what is going on inside the patient, and this will guide you as to how to proceed.

In some places, you may quickly be able to lightly gloss over, but in others, you may have to press and hold, until the muscle gives up, and finally relaxes. at this point you follow the wave of relaxation at whatever pace it goes, and and in whatever direction it goes. you will find that in a sense, you are *seeing* inside the patient's body through your fingers, and not just the skin & muscles, but also the activities of the nervous and glandular systems, as well.

Often, you will find that as you follow the signals that the patient's body is giving you, that you may do some odd things, that are not standard practice. These techniques are for specific conditions in the patient, that you are encountering, and will unwind many deep-seated problems, which have persisted for a long time. Remember these things, as they come up, because they can be added to your bag of tricks for use with other patients. The body has an Intelligence independent of the Mind. Learn from it.

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