The Circle Garden

by James Clair Lewis

The Circle Garden combines Permaculture, a self-watering system, and Sacred Geometry

Dig a Circle one foot deep, and four feet across. Pile the dirt you dig out beginning at six inches from the edge. This will become a swale which will direct rain water towards the plants in this sunken Garden bed.

Weeds are especially good at pulling nutrients from the soil, so use weeds in the compost. Put in about three inches of weeds, grass, kitchen compost, and a few leaves at the bottom. Anything without thorns that you have to cut back, is also good. You might want to cut all this stuff into small pieces and mix well.

Now crumble up some peat, and put about half an inch on top of it. Sprinkle in some worm castings. Cover this with one inch of some of the dirt you dug up, and then walk all over it, pressing it all down.

Now put in another three inch layer of the mixed weeds, grass, kitchen compost (coffee grounds), and leaves, all cut up to small pieces. Crumble in another half inch of peat, sprinkle in some more worm castings, and another inch of dirt. Walk all over it again.

Now take an unglazed clay pot WITHOUT any drainages holes that should hold about two gallons of water, and place this in the Center of the Circle. This is your watering system. It is easy to reach from the side, and the water will gradually leach out into the ground at root level for the plants on their demand. This ought to cut your watering in half.

The pot will need a cover (or plate) to keep the bugs out, (like mosquitoes). It should be on most of the time, but you might want to remove it just before rain. The plants will drink the water you cache that way, a day or so later.

Next put in another three inch layer of the chopped, mixed weeds, etc around the pot, with another half inch of crumbled up peat, some more worm castings, and another inch of dirt. Walk on it again to really get it all well pressed down. You ought to have room for one more layer of all this, but if it works out to be a little bit higher, it won't matter.

Now let it all sit for a good six to nine months, while the bacteria and the worms are doing their thing. Add water from time to time, as needed, to make sure the metabolic processes are going well. Come Planting time, this will be very rich, Vegan soil. You'll be able to put the Plants right in.

Put in especially big, or tall plants further away from the Sun, and place the smaller plants nearer the Sun. That way nobody will get crowded out. I should also point out that this soil will be so rich, that you ought place plants twice as far apart, as you would usually be told. They are all going to get huge...

Put in Flowers and Herbs, as well as Veggies. This is promotional advertising. When Bee Scouts come and check the place out, if all they see are Veggies, they aren't going to be very interested...

Now this is just one Circle Garden with a swale around it. You'll do well with it, but if you have more space, you can put in six more Circle Gardens around the one in the Center. The swales will connect up, and you'll have a place to walk, and be able to easily get at everything.

If you have even more space, you can put in twelve more Circle Gardens around the central seven, and have plenty of food growing. See where the Sacred Geometry comes in? The shape of this project should really promote plant growth, and it will have beautiful energies.

Now with all this Garden happening, you'll probably need a fence. I suggest a circular cyclone fence around the whole thing, with the gate facing your source of water. The fence should be about five feet away from the outer swales. You are going to need this room.

Right at the cyclone fence, plant perennial Berry Vines, or Grapes. As these plants grow, you can sort of weave them through the fence, and end up with a Living Wall, which will help protect the inner Garden from windy days.

Imagine being able to go out in season, and pick fresh Berries, or Grapes, with lots of nice stuff to munch on inside...

Good Times!

Blessed Be!

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