The Back Roller & the Neck Roller

by James Clair Lewis

Copyright 2006

Having been plagued by the excrutiating, & debilitating pain from my back all my life, I have spent many years working to fix the problem. I learned Massage, Tai Chi, and many Spiritual Healing modalities, but of course, it is much easier to heal other people, than it is yourself. I suffer from conditions that I could easily fix, if I wasn't the patient.

So when Suzy Q visited, she showed me her Back Roller. This is a six inch diameter, 1 1/2 foot long roll of very firm foam. You lie down on it, and roll yourself over it. In a Myofascial way it stretches, and provides leverage you can't get on a flat floor. This enables the body to move towards optimum posture.

However, the Back Roller doesn't work very effectively on the neck. So what I did, was to take my wooden Ma Roller, and wrap a towel around it, as a cushion. Lying on your back with this Neck Roller behind your head, solves the problem, because you now have the correct diameter for the leverage. The groove of the Ma Roller fits perfectly, and the towel is an excellent cushion.

Note that you should never twist your neck with your hands, in an attempt to get it into place. That can injure the pair of tiny blood vessels running through the neck itself, and you don't want to bleed out. That won't be a problem with the Neck Roller, since no twisting is required. With the Neck Roller, your head is aligned correctly with optimum posture. You simply relax into it, and curl your head around the Neck Roller to enable things to fall into place on their own.

With your body aligned straight & with your hands by your sides, and your neck resting comfortably around the Neck Roller, pull your chin up. Relax again, and repeat a couple times. Then, cock your neck to one side a bit, and pull your chin up again with just your neck muscles, and relax. Repeat that a couple of times on the other side.

These are simple Myofascial Stretches, which you can do for yourself as needed, and they will gradually enable your body to adopt optimum posture. This can free you of much pain, and also give you much greater range of motion, and mobility.

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