#7 : Stuck

Standstill appears to be inertia, but it is a time to lay groundwork for the future

Develop good habits. Cultivate serenity. Practice Peace. Have Courage. Live Peacefully. Be a Lightworker.

Make an honest beginning. Recognize Conflict. Retreat from darkness. Think things out. Forge ahead. Gather people for the work

You are never really stuck, unless you give up

The Image

Accept the world as it is. Think about your attitudes. Expand your horizons. Become the Spiritual Light.

The Inside

Be very careful when you are alone on the path of life. Be aware. The Butterfly understands joy. Maintain peace by working with people, rather than by competing with them. Pay attention. The Butterfly rides the breeze. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the normal ups & downs of life. Meditate. The Butterfly takes off. Clearly, in a time of trouble, you simply must ask for help. Be sensible. The Butterfly makes things complete. It is wise to unify forces in serving the common good. Supreme Good Fortune. The Butterfly changes the world. Wage war when neccessary, but do not go to extremes. No Blame.

The Outside

The Bees know things. Follow your intuition. Great Good Fortune! Avoid conflicts which will involve the entire neighborhood. Be smart! When retreat is essential, it may be necessary to cooperate with your adversaries for the time being. Be sensible. Assist the development of wisdom amoung your friends. Great Good Fortune. Do not concern yourself with quick profits. Arrange your affairs for progress continuing into the future. Get smart. Hear the Bees. Listen to the needs of people, so that you willl know what needs to be done. Pay attention!

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly arrives. Hear the Bees. Persevere on the Path. Work is necessary to attain Peace. Great Good Fortune.

5 : The Butterfly makes things complete. Make certain that you really have things all sown up. Be careful!

4 : The Butterfly lives in Harmony. Do not assume authority without general consent. Be realistic.

3 : The Butterfly rides the breeze. Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Be Sensible!

2 : The Butterfly understands joy. Wait & endure trouble until people come to their senses. No Blame.

1 : The Butterfly lands on a Blossom. The Bees know things. Always be prepared for a retreat. Look ahead!

Notes : The Butterfly takes off.

Standstill's Circle of Friends

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