#59 : Leverage

Leverage is the means for shifting the balance point of opportunity.

Overcome fear. Recognize your mistakes. Strive for internal balance. Decide and follow through. Maintain perspective. Understand just how much really can be accomplished right now

Begin by knowing that change takes time. Take into account everyone's needs. Push for what is real and true. Make the connection. Exercise Restraint, and employ Restraints. This is what you have been waiting for

Use the force of opposition in deploying Leverage

The Image

Make things happen. Rise to the occasion. Understand your motives. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

The Dragon remains calm. Do not aggravate the situation. Think! This is a good time to make a new beginning. Be creative! The Dragon makes no mistakes. Do not challenge fate in combat, unless you have no choice. Think! The Dragon's point of view is universal, and therefore clear to all. Radical changes succeed only when based solidly upon Truth. Be Real! Concentrate on your work, if you want to succeed. Good Luck! Do not succumb to anger when putting an end to trouble. Get wise!

The Outside

Do not hesitate now. Make a decision, & act upon it. Do something. Success comes from fostering harmony in the family, not from making quarrels. Good Luck. Maintain inner balance or your life will swing between joy and grief. Meditate. The Dragon leaps up in the air. Choose between pursuing your Path in private, or beginning a public career. Good Luck! The Bees understand the Pattern. Control the situation by going to the Heart of the matter. Good Fortune! Keep you mind open to the leverage that will lead you from a bad situation into a good one. Success!

The Lines

Top : Consolidate your position after succeeding with leverage, then take a rest. Meditate.

5 : The Bees understand the Pattern. A cooperative arrangement is beneficial to all concerned. Great Good Fortune.

4 : The Dragon thinks ahead. Explain your position with sincerity and discretion. Good Luck.

3 : Do not underestimate your opposition, or overestimate your strength. Be Aware.

2 : Do not expose yourself as a target before overwhelming force. Withdraw, and await the time for action. Think.

1 : Follow the Middle Way. Pursue your goals after organizing your methods. No blame.

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