#58 : Waiting

Waiting gathers power while seeking opportunity.

Do not get in your own way. Do not argue over small matters. Hold your tongue. Listen to what people have to say. Be patient and persevering. Be grateful for assistance

Assist those who need help. Complete those little details now. Work within the Limitations. Take the long view. Be serene and practice Peace. Reward your friends

Creative Waiting generates accomplishments

The Image

Make things happen. Rise to the occasion. Understand your motives. Express Love.

The Inside

The Dragon remains calm. Do not aggravate the situation. Think! Avoid conflicts which will involve the entire neighborhood. Be smart! Let yourself be known by the work that you do. Danger and Good Fortune! End conflict by coming to your senses. Good Fortune. Do not concern yourself with quick results. Arrange your affairs for sustained growth. Get Smart! After victory wise leaders should be put into positions of authority. The camp followers should be given a bonus! Be smart.

The Outside

Your life will have no value, if you give up without trying. Misfortune. The Dragon meets a closed door. Everyone must learn how to wait. Be patient. The Bees save for the future. Budget your resources or you will experience blame. Think. The Wise listen to advice. A fool cannot learn anything from anyone. Think. The Butterfly makes things complete. It is wise to unify forces in serving the common good. Supreme Good Fortune. Consolidate your position after succeeding with leverage, then take a rest. Meditate.

The Lines

Top : Keep you mind open to the leverage that will lead you from a bad situation into a good one. Success!

5 : The Butterfly makes things complete. Learn to enjoy the company of friends in difficult times. Good Fortune.

4 : Pay attention to advice, and you will not be isolated in the midst of struggle. Strive for clarity. Think!

3 : The Bees save for the future. Do not act rashly. Exercise caution, and you may still save the situation. Be Aware!

2 : The Dragon listens without comment. Avoid conflict, and cultivate internal strength. Meditate.

1 : Persevere in creative projects for as long as the situation permits. Follow the Path of Truth. Be Real.

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