#57 : Restraint

Restraint is movement which retains integrity, and conserves strength.

Control your impulses. Meditate before deciding. Be realistic and genuine. Respect everyone's needs. Practice what you preach. Employ common sense

Only Repair things which are broken. Be consistent. Decrease what is out of balance. Generate Success through Restraint. Be reasonable. Practice Peace

Restrain darkness within in order to restrain darkness without

The Image

Make things happen. Rise to the occasion. Avoid rigidity. Study the Ancient Wisdom.

The Inside

Fit into the situation by accepting things as they are. Good Fortune. Stick to your goal, and you will attain it. Great Good Fortune. The Bees spot opportunities. If it is left out in the open, anyone can come and take it. Be Aware! Respect the Bees. Plan, and wait until the ruler asks for your assistance. Be patient. The Bees love virtue. Win confidence through dedication to your principles. Look Ahead! The Bees can sting. It takes bravery and cunning to avoid violence while protecting the community from danger. No blame.

The Outside

The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Good Fortune comes when you correct the mistakes of the past. Be Creative. You should listen to yourself talking. Be aware. Realize where you belong, and allow things to happen naturally. Relax! Make no mistake. Refrain from idle competition with your neighbors. Grow up! A cooperative arrangement is beneficial to all concerned. Great Good Fortune. The Butterfly shows the way. Do not start a fight, when your defenses are down. Make secure the friendships that you have instead. No blame.

The Lines

Top : The Bees live within the Cycle of Life. The Butterfly shows the way. Through restraint the Wise create order and harmony in the world. Success!

5 : The Bees understand the Pattern. Control the situation by going to the Heart of the matter. Good Fortune!

4 : The Bees guard the hive. Restrain trouble by stalling and delaying it. Be Aware.

3 : The Bees cooperate with each other. With an ally you can undertake bold ventures. Be wary, prepared, and have a definate aim in view. Good Luck.

2 : The Bees check things out. Wait until everything is in order before proceeding. Think!

1 : The Bees begin their day. The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Trouble is coming. Stop everything! Be careful!

Restraint's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












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