#53 : Opposition

Opposition is both internal and external.

Reflect upon what you have done. Be open for Change. Take the Family into account. Return to basics. Rid yourself of mental Blocks. Meet your mistakes

Preparation is everything. Bite through the problem. Move towards Success. Decrease to restore order. Proceed with proper Conduct. Limit the use of Control

Make Opposition complementary rather than polarizing

The Image

Settle in at home. Strive for clarity. Speak your Mind. Illuminate the sky.

The Inside

The Dragon rests. If everything is organized, this represents only a minor setback. Get Wise. When the time comes, mobilize your forces for action. Be Aware! Set up rules which protect each person's freedom, and enforce them. Get Wise. The world is full of fools. You should cultivate the company of friends on The Path of Truth. Be Real. Eliminate problems by channeling the right people in the right directions. Get Wise, & be careful. It is easier to say you are sorry, than to ask for permission. Face disaster with clarity and courage. No blame.

The Outside

The Dragon Halts! Do not react immediately when trouble threatens. Pay Attention! There will be no lasting blame, if you must bluntly make your point to re-establish order. Pay attention. The Wise make sacrifices for their Integrity. A fool hoards the wealth that he has. Be Real! People will approach you after you rid yourself of bad habits and misconceptions. Listen! Assume responsibility before you take action. Good Luck. Be Aware : No good will come from simply going through the motions. Misfortune.

The Lines

Top : Try to resolve tensions after an argument. Good Fortune.

5 : Strive to communicate. Do not allow opposition to blind your judgement. Great Good Fortune.

4 : You need an ally to deal with opposition. Be careful.

3 : Complete your commitments despite insults, and other difficulties. No blame.

2 : Unite with people who share common goals. Be Aware.

1 : The Dragon Halts! Do not aggravate the situation. Think!

Opposition's Circle of Friends

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