#51 : Truth

What is meant is more significant than what is said.

Provide Truth. Cultivate Character in attitude. Make Truth your center. Follow the Path of Truth. Adhere to Truth in times of Danger. Repair mistakes as you discover them.

Disperse what doesn't ring true. Increase knowledge. Use facts for Leverage. Good Conduct furthers Truth. Bring Decrease to what isn't true. Recognize the Limitations of the moment.

The understanding of Truth grows with Time.

The Image

Embrace the Earth. Recognize the moment. Be Logical. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

Greed is not becoming upon one who seeks respect. Misfortune! This is a good time to make a new beginning. Be Creative! Maintain inner balance or your life will swing between joy and grief. Meditate. The Butterfly avoids spiders. Do not attach yourself to parasites. Concentrate upon what is important. Pay attention. The Butterfly seeks a mate. Seek the advice of the Wise in times of danger, & listen! The Butterfly changes everything. Withdraw from society when you want to pursue Spiritual goals. No Blame.

The Outside

The Bees plan ahead. It is essential to know how to disperse disunity before it develops into real trouble. Good luck. Great Good Fortune comes without fail to those who live according to the Universal Laws. Be Wise! Do not underestimate your opposition, or overestimate your strength. Be Aware. Face danger when duty calls. Keep well informed, and prepared at all times. Be careful. Fortune smiles upon those who walk upon the Path of Truth. Never fear. The Bees mind their own business. You may need to impose limitations upon yourself, but you will provoke resistance, if you force them upon others. Be Aware.

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly knows itself for what it is. The Bees mind their own business. The Wise embody their ideals. A fanatic can only parrot ideas and beliefs. Be real.

5 : The Butterfly demonstrates Beauty. Unity and Harmony can only be established by those who speak the Truth. Be honest.

4 : The Butterfly relates to what is happening. Ask for advice only when you need it, otherwise mind your own business. Get smart.

3 : The Butterfly glides through turbulence. Maintain inner balance or your life will swing between joy and grief. Meditate.

2 : The Butterfly plays with friends. Base your relationships upon Spiritual affinities. Supreme Good Fortune!

1 : The Butterfly begins the day with Joy. The Bees plan ahead. Adhere to Truth in all of your business, and be aware of intentions. Pay attention.

Truth's Circle of Friends

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