#5 : Progress

Progress is the Way of Nature.

Deal with the Obstruction in your head. Face Adversity, and encounter your own mistakes. Pull yourself together to act. Learn how to wait while doing something. Be a friend. Just go and do it.

See the possibilities. Undertake the Journey. Drop what you don't need. Do not quit when you are Stuck. Keep your Enthusiasm

Progress is the result of sustained work

The Image

Accept the world as it is. Think about your attitudes. Speak your Mind. Illuminate the sky.

The Inside

The Dragon thinks before it acts. Wait for the right moment, before you make your move. Supreme Good Fortune. Concentrate upon recovery, & save what you can after an unexpected setback. No blame. Do not over-react, when you have an easy victory. Be moderate while re-establishing order. Be fair. Retreat when necessary & regroup. Pay attention. Learn to enjoy the company of friends in difficult times. Good fortune. There is no blame in being friendly with your neighbors, if you mind your own business. Pay attention.

The Outside

It is wise to restrict the movement of disruptive influences. Get smart! The Dragon is patient. Cultivate the internal strength by developing a hidden talent. Good fortune. Do not anger the Bees! Do not make yourself unwelcome by meddling in other people's business. Pay attention. Accept the truth. You cannot evade the results of mis-directed activity. Come clean & plead for mercy. There will be a transition of alliances. Learn something! Make certain that you really have things all together. Be careful. The situation is not what you thought it was, & it is time to change your plans. Misfortune.

The Lines

Top : Always use the minimum amount of force, when dealing with difficult situations & people. Be Sensible!

5 : The Butterfly makes things complete. Do not concern yourself with quick results. Arrange your affairs for sustained growth. Get Smart!

4 : Beware of greed : both in the world, and within yourself. Be Real!

3 : Do not anger the Bees! Cooperate with people who have helped you out of difficulties. Good Fortune.

2 : The Dragon is patient. A positive attitude encourages a harmonious outcome. Good Luck!

1 : Maintain your reserve when you are striving for progress & are getting no support. Look Ahead.

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