#47 : Friendship

There is strength in Friendship.

Meet in Friendship. Expect Success. Be generous. Be patient. Make the first move. Make Progress without pushing

Step back. Use insight. Be natural. Simply fit in. Express yourself. Bend with circumstances

A Friend will both give and receive

The Image

Light up the Earth. Know your own feelings. Employ Imagination. Become the Spiritual Light.

The Inside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. Hard workers are essential for large projects. Think! The Wise make sacrifices for their integrity. A fool hoards the wealth that he has. Be Real. Pay attention to advice, and you will not be isolated in the midst of struggle. Strive for clarity. Think! In crucial situations success comes when the troops are led by experienced leaders. Get wise! Always use the minimum amount of force, when dealing with difficult situations & people. Be Sensible!

The Outside

Do not try anything rash, when you are in a retreat. Be aware! The Dragon wakes up! Begin working, and see how much you can accomplish. Be confident. The Bees spot opportunities. If it is left out in the open, anyone can come and take it. Be Aware! Great Good Fortune comes from fulfilling your duties in the family. Be real. The Butterfly plays with friends. Release yourself from mistaken attitudes and beliefs. Good Fortune. Do not expect people to fully understand, and adapt to change. Realize how much can be accomplished now, and make plans for the Future. Get Wise!

The Lines

Top : There is no blame in being friendly with your neighbors, if you mind your own business. Pay Attention.

5 : The Butterfly plays with friends. After struggling with circumstances, those who have Love, will be united. Great Good Fortune.

4 : End conflict by coming to your senses. Good Fortune.

3 : The Bees spot opportunities. Do not allow your attitude to generate mistrust. Be Real.

2 : The Dragon is not fooled. Avoid friendships which carry a price. Be Aware.

1 : Friendship is based upon Truth. Be careful.

Friendship's Circle of Friends

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