#44 : Wealth

Sustainable Abundance is the Way of Nature.

Understand your motivations. Be free of fear. Explore possibilities. Apply self-restraint. Rid yourself of mistaken attitudes. Get it together

Recognize Danger. Use Power. Be Decisive. Do not abuse your position. Fix problems. Share your wealth

Wealth is the Means, not the End

The Image

Light up the Earth. Know your own feelings. Understand prevailing attitudes. Learn to change.

The Inside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. There will be no lasting blame, if you must bluntly make your point to re-establish order. Pay attention. Do not make the Bees angry. Do not make yourself unwelcome by meddling in other people's business. Pay Attention. The Bees guard the hive. Restrain trouble by stalling, and delaying it. Be Aware. The Bees love order and beauty. Use Wisdom to eliminate disunity. Great Good Fortune! Hear the Bees. Listen to what people say, so that you will know what needs to be done. Pay Attention!

The Outside

The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Provide for the Bees. Conserve & develop your abilities, when your opportunities are limited. Be aware! Do not become upset by a sudden turn of events. Remain calm. No blame. Realize when there is nothing you can do to improve a situation, and leave quietly. Pay attention. Rely upon your deepest Intuition, when everything is changing. Supreme Good Fortune! The Butterfly changes the world. Wage war when neccessary, but do not go to extremes. No Blame.

The Lines

Top : Be a voice for the Bees. The Butterfly changes the world. A dominating, greedy ruler will alienate the people, and ruin everything. Misfortune!

5 : Praise the Bees. A good ruler will employ the wisest minds within the empire. Great Good Fortune.

4 : Respect the Bees. Plan, and wait until the ruler asks for your assistance. Be patient.

3 : Do not anger the Bees. Be patient, when no one will hear you, especially if you know what you are talking about. No blame.

2 : Take care of the Bees. You must adhere to the Truth, when an adversary comes between you, and the ruler. Be Real!

1 : Provide for the Bees. The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Good Fortune comes, when you find the company that needs and recognizes your abilities. Be Aware.

Wealth's Circle of Friends

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