#43 : The Family

Life revolves around the Family.

Understand things before you complete them. Join around the Pot. Understand Opposition. Make the Breakthrough. Deliver the goods. End division

Proceed steadily. Employ Leverage. Press for Increase. Make Friends. Be Graceful. Look back at what you have done

Respect the bonds of Family

The Image

Light up the Earth. Know your own feelings. Understand your motives. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

The Dragon Halts! Do not react immediately when trouble threatens. Pay Attention! Strive to produce a quality product, but do not talk a lot about it. Pay attention! Complete your commitments despite insults, and other difficulties. No Blame. The Wise listen to advice. A fool cannot learn anything from anyone. Think. Prove yourself by fulfilling your commitments. Good Fortune. The Dragon splits! It is better to be an axe, than a piece of wood. The situation is out of control. Get out now, before disaster strikes! Good Fortune!

The Outside

Be very careful when you are alone on the Path of life. Be aware. Do not expose yourself as a target before overwhelming force. Withdraw, and await the time for action. Think. Comply with regulations when setting up an operation. Be careful! End conflict by coming to your senses. Good Fortune. Withdraw from materialistic people, to seek your true friends. No blame. The Dragon does not look back. While bringing a project to completion, consider plans for the future. Look ahead.

The Lines

Top : The Dragon does Nothing! Supreme Good Fortune comes when everyone assumes their responsibilities, and does their job. Meditate.

5 : Be certain that your love for your family is genuine, and that you can be relied upon. Good Fortune!

4 : Great Good Fortune comes from fulfilling your duties in the family. Be real.

3 : Set up rules which protect each person's freedom, and enforce them. Get Wise.

2 : Success comes from fostering harmony in the family, not from making quarrels. Good Luck.

1 : Maintain harmony by adhering to family organization and discipline. Be aware.

The Family's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside

The Split








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