#41 : Grace

Grace is the most refined Virtue.

Deliver your mind to clarity. Be open to discoveries. Bite Through negative belief patterns. Real Power comes from taking the long view. Help the Oppressed. Think before you decide.

Meditate before you begin. Restrain the impulsive. Provide what is needed. Spread Light where you go. Take care of your Family. De-spell Adversity with Grace.

Grace is guided by Intuition, not by calculated planning or casual impulse.

The Image

Light up the Earth. Know your own feelings. Avoid rigidity. Study the Ancient Wisdom.

The Inside

Recognize a good thing when you have it! Pay Attention! Bees can be friendly. A modest traveler will find friends, and whatever else is needed. Good Fortune. It is wise not to confront your adversaries with a public scene, unless you have no other choice. Be Sensible! Perseverance on the Path, and dedication to your work, will eventually bring you to the goal. Stick with it. Strive to remain solidly on the Path, despite all forms of oppression. Great Good Fortune! Only when you know yourself, can you see the world as it is. Be Realistic!

The Outside

Be sensible. Always pause, and think before you act. Be Creative! The Bees check things out. Wait until everything is in order before proceeding. Think! Do not be possessed by selfish desires. Be generous. The Butterfly lands on a flower. Be aware. What comes easily, can be lost quickly. Misfortune. Be certain that your love for your family is genuine, and that you can be relied upon. Good Fortune! The end of adversity comes, when evil destroys itself. Misfortune.

The Lines

Top : A simple clear form is the fullness of Grace.

5 : Withdraw from materialistic people, to seek your true friends. No blame.

4 : The Butterfly lands on a flower. Follow the warnings of your Intuition. Conserve your resources, and wait. Be aware.

3 : Do not make a habit of indulgence. Misfortune.

2 : The Bees check things out. You should listen to yourself talking. Be aware.

1 : It is better to advance through your own efforts, than to depend upon your friends. Be self-reliant.

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