#37 : Bite Me!

This is the time to take direct action.

Recognize the Obstruction in your mind. Hold an attitude of Abundance. Proceed with Grace. Make the Approach. Be the Well. You are the Retreat

Begin making Progress. Engage the Opposition. Clarify the situation. This is not your fault. Be decisive

Be real, and follow through with what need be done

The Image

Lightning strikes! Think about your attitudes. Speak your Mind. Illuminate the Sky.

The Inside

The Dragon thinks before it acts. Wait for the opening before you make your move. Supreme Good Fortune. Take care of the Bees. You must adhere to the Truth, when an adversary comes between you, and the ruler. Be Real! Do not make a habit of indulgence. Misfortune. Evaluate people objectively on the basis of what they do. No blame. Listen, and you will find a constant Spring of Wisdom. Pay Attention! After making a complete retreat, think about striking out in a new direction. Be Creative!

The Outside

Maintain your reserve when you are striving for progress & are getting no support. Look Ahead. Unite with people who share common goals. Be aware. The Butterfly takes off. The fool wastes time in depression, and while most people are partying, the Wise prepare for the Future. Get smart. Pay attention. Use objectivity in the selection of assistants. No blame. The Bees relate to what is happening. If you didn't break it, you don't have to fix it. No blame. Maintain calm in the midst of disaster. Be Sensible!

The Lines

Top : Go for it! Eliminate disruptive influences who cannot learn from mistakes. Be Decisive!

5 : The Bees relate to what is happening. Strive always to be just and fair, and remember that you are responsible for the results. Be Realistic!

4 : Be resolute and certain that you are prepared for what you must do. Be Together!

3 : The Butterfly takes off. It is wise not to confront your adversaries with a public scene, unless you have no other choise. Be Sensible!

2 : There will be no lasting blame, if you must bluntly make your point to re-establish order. Pay attention.

1 : It is wise to restrict the movement of disruptive influences. Get Smart!

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