#35 : Increase

The effort to create generates increase.

Split complex projects up into simple tasks. Prepare to do a lot of work. Seek to balance what isn't. Keep the Happiness of all in mind. Focus upon what is Enduring. Meditate upon how things get done.

Think before you act. Work for Truth. Stick with your Family. Be honest and remain free of real blame. Provide for the future. Start on the next project as you complete the current one.

True Increase benefits everyone, yourself included.

The Image

Lightning strikes! Know the desires of your Heart. Be Logical. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible! If you are willing to work hard, you can take on, & complete a large & responsible project. Good Fortune. Realize where you belong, and allow things to happen naturally. Relax! It is difficult to begin to choose good after having tasted evil. Good luck. Know when to adhere to social conventions, and when to do as you please. Pay attention. Modesty comes from an understanding of the world, and the Laws of Nature. Supreme Good Fortune!

The Outside

Understand the difference between seeing things as they are, and being able to do something about it. Get Wise! Base your relationships upon Spiritual affinities. Supreme Good Fortune! Set up rules which protect each person's freedom, and enforce them. Get Wise. The Bees do not give up. Stay on the Path. Nothing that you really need can ever be taken from you. Look ahead. Seek Wisdom with Humility when you hold a responsible position. Be sensible. Do not use force! You will get nowhere, unless you correct your mistakes. Keep on trying. Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : People will know if you are a jerk, and they might not like what they see. Will you? Pay Attention.

5 : Follow the Path by making kindness a habit. Supreme Good Fortune!

4 : The Bees do not give up. Follow the Middle Way, and serve the people in order to accomplish larger goals. Be Real.

3 : Comply with regulations when setting up an operation. Be careful!

2 : Great Good Fortune comes without fail to those who live according to the Universal Laws. Be Wise!

1 : Use your good fortunes to further the advancement of humanity. Good Luck.

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