#34 : The Start

You have to start sometime, and somewhere.

Split up tasks according to what needs to be done first. Decide to Deliver. Do not be Stupid! Adhere to proper Conduct. Share credit for the work. Modest beginnings can lead to great things.

Begin with Love. Recognize Limitations. Keep the goal in view. Work with cooperative people. Return to the plan. Only work brings Increase.

Make adjustments as difficulties arise.

The Image

Lightning strikes! Know the desires of your Heart. Be Logical. Express Love.

The Inside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible! Deeds, rather than words, are always more significant. Good Luck! Avoid impulsiveness and impulsive people. No blame. Face danger when duty calls. Keep well-informed, and prepared at all times. Be careful. The pot is golden. A reasonable attitude encourages cooperation. Be kind. Do not be afraid to speak the truth, & act according to it. Be Bold.

The Outside

Good fortune will come, if you unite with people only on a basis of Truth & Love. Be Real. The Bees go out to forage. Do not wait any longer. Go for it! The Dragon conquers new territory. Only experienced help can deal with challenging situations. Do not hire anyone else. Be Aware. The Butterfly avoids spiders. Do not attach yourself to parasites. Concentrate upon what is important. Pay attention. There is no blame in admitting your mistakes. Good Fortune. People will know if you are a jerk, and they may not like what they see. Will you? Pay attention.

The Lines

Top : You will get nowhere, unless you correct your mistakes. Keep on trying. Misfortune!

5 : Be patient, and you will gradually eliminate difficulties. Pay attention.

4 : The Butterfly avoids spiders. The car breaks down. If you can find another vehicle, you can get things done anyway. Think!

3 : The Dragon stays home. Do not try to force the impossible. Be Sensible!

2 : The Bees go out to forage. Think and wait. Do not accept help from your adversary. Be aware.

1 : Use Love to attract the right people, when dealing with initial difficulties. Be real.

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