#32 : Return

The Beginning, and the End are One.

Observe and consider patterns. Really care about people, and your projects. Renounce selfish motivations. Encompass Opposition. Seek a Meeting of the minds. Do not be an Obstruction.

Be Receptive. Make the Approach. Deal with Adversity. Shake things up. Get to work. Provide what is needed.

Return to the basics, and build from them.

The Image

Lightning strikes! Know the desires of your heart. Listen to the words of Dragons. Follow the Way of Nature.

The Inside

The Dragon uses foresight. A hidden defect can doom a project to failure. Be careful. When you see life clearly, you can spot trouble before it can develop into a difficulty. Pay Attention! It is difficult, but favorable to split from a bad scene. Be Aware! You need an ally to deal with opposition. Be careful. A wise leader earns respect and cooperation by being fair as well as firm. Great Good Fortune. The Sage always knows what to do. Assistance goes where it is needed. Good Fortune.

The Outside

The Dragon uses foresight. A hidden defect can doom a project to failure. Be careful. Success! Make commitments with those who will fulfill their agreements. Be Aware. Do not over-react, when you have an unexpected victory. Be moderate while re-establishing order. Be fair. Use the Internal strength for leverage, when you are stuck. Think! Be patient, and you will gradually eliminate difficulties. Pay attention. It is the duty of the Wise to make knowledge available only to those who seek it with sincerity and respect. Be Aware!

The Lines

Top : Do not fail to come to terms. Come Clean!

5 : There is no blame in admitting your mistakes. Good Fortune.

4 : The world is full of fools. You should cultivate the company of friends on The Path of Truth. Be Real.

3 : It is difficult to choose between Spiritual and Material values. In your Heart you know what you must do. Think!

2 : There is Good Fortune in following the example of a Spiritual Guide. Learn something!

1 : The Dragon uses foresight. When the beginning is correct, what follows moves smoothly. Be smart.

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