#31 : The Meeting

The Meeting determines what will come.

Seek wisdom. Understand Leverage. Work towards a mental Breakthrough. Adjust your attitude. Return to clarity. Do not meet with fools

Begin with insight. Prepare before you move. Recognize potential Conflict. Proceed steadily. Practice kindness. Show Character

Meet life with honesty

The Image

Spread across the Earth. Implement plans. Understand prevailing attitudes. Become the Spiritual Light.

The Inside

Wait while the Dragon sleeps. Before you begin, meditate and form a clear plan of action. Think. Do not expose yourself as a target before overwhelming force. Withdraw, and await the time for action. Think. Keep silent, and follow your chosen course. Difficulties, but no blame. Make certain that people will adhere to their agreements. Pay attention! There is no blame in admiting your mistakes. Good Fortune. Try to resolve tensions after an argument. Good Fortune.

The Outside

Wait while the Dragon sleeps. Before you begin, meditate and form a clear plan of action. Think. Stick to your goal, and you will attain it. Great good fortune. Let yourself be known by the work that you do. Danger and Good Fortune! Coordinate your activities, & you will get everything done. Good Luck! The pot is golden. A reasonable attitude encourages cooperation. Be kind. It is easier to say you are sorry, than to ask for permission. Face disaster with clarity and courage. No blame.

The Lines

Top : Understand that some people may not like you for pursuing your own goals. No blame.

5 : A wise leader earns respect and cooperation by being fair as well as firm. Great Good Fortune.

4 : Everything will come together, if you will only put out an honest effort. Great Good Fortune!

3 : Everything falls apart! Do not proceed against reason! Misfortune!

2 : This is a good time to make a new beginning. Be creative!

1 : The Dragon meditates. Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware.

The Meeting's Circle of Friends

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