#28 : Endurance

You cannot succeed without endurance.

Know what is going on before you make decisions. Increase things with lasting value. Be a positive Influence. Meditate to sustain clear thinking. Cultivate the attitude of kindness. Be Happy

Pace yourself. Pay attention to the Danger signs. Deliver what you promise. Push for progressive change. Demonstrate Character. Share your wisdom

Base your life on that which endures

The Image

Spread across the Earth. Implement plans. Understand prevailing attitudes. Learn to change.

The Inside

Do not begin before you are ready. Be careful. Great Good Fortune comes without fail to those who live according to the Universal Laws. Be Wise! Do not allow your emotions to dominate your activities. Think! You should sit and meditate. Get rid of your egotism. Grow up! Follow the Path by making kindness a habit. Supreme Good Fortune! Do not abandon yourself to the exclusive pursuit of pleasure. Misfortune.

The Outside

Do not force things in the beginning. Think. The Butterfly stretches its wings. Employ restraint in using indirect methods, or in playing one faction against another. Be careful! The fool invites theft by displaying wealth. Misfortune! The Bees enjoy working. Dedication to your work, will eventually lead to recognition. Fear Nothing! Maintain friendly relations with all kinds of people. No blame, and no praise either... The pot provides satisfaction. Impart truth with gentleness to those seeking Wisdom. Be real.

The Lines

Top : Patience is a source of Power. Get Smart.

5 : Know when to adhere to social conventions, and when to do as you please. Pay attention.

4 : The Bees enjoy working. The right method is more important than dogged persistance. Think!

3 : Maintain your inner balance. Do not give trouble power over you. Be sensible!

2 : The Butterfly stretches its wings. If you are willing to work hard, you can take on, & complete a large & responsible project. Good Fortune.

1 : Make certain that you will complete the projects you have taken on. Be real.

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