#27 : The Wind

The Wind always changes, but is ever with us.

Consider the problems you have created. Be Gentle with yourself. Go with the flow. Listen and learn. Make a decision. Bring things to balance

Use your Leverage. Proceed steadily. Get rid of what doesn't work. Attend the Meeting. Solve the problem. Go to the Well

The Gentle are the most persistent

The Image

Spread across the Earth. Rise to the occasion. Understand your motives. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

The Dragon remains calm. Do not aggravate the situation. Think! Beware of people who manipulate through suggestion. Counteract them with the Truth. Pay Attention! Superficial joy brings nothing but misfortune. Be Real. Communicate with people. Do not manipulate them. Pay attention. Stay on the Path throughout all of the troubles that Life can bring. Danger & Good Fortune! There is Good Fortune in making sacrifices for the common good. Be Real.

The Outside

Follow the Middle Way. Pursue your goals after organizing your methods. No Blame. After securing your position, throw a party for your friends. Good luck! The Bees work for the Colony. Replace personal motivations with universal ones. Supreme Good Fortune! It is always advantageous to be polite, even with difficult people. Good Luck. The Butterfly finds friends. Gather people who can help you eliminate longstanding problems, then you will be free to make a new beginning. Be sensible. The Wisdom of a Sage is available to all. Good Fortune grows as people make use of it. Learn something!

The Lines

Top : Do not openly attack evil, when you are vulnerable, & lack influence. Danger!

5 : The Butterfly finds friends. Use your imagination to overhaul the defect in this project. Some changes are necessary. Be Creative.

4 : Coordinate your activities, & you will get everything done. Good Luck!

3 : The Bees work for the Colony. If you procrastinate forever, you will accomplish nothing. Misfortune.

2 : Beware of people who manipulate through suggestion. Counteract them with the Truth. Pay Attention!

1 : Do not hesitate now. Make a decision, & act upon it. Do something.

The Wind's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside
The Well







The Lake


The Wind



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