#25 : Repair

Work on what has been spoiled.

Exercise Self Control. Make changes Gradually and steadily. Follow common sense. Pay attention to Danger signs. Follow Inspiration. Adhere to Truth

Restrain negative influences. Consider what needs to be fixed. Do not allow Fools to make the decisions. Pay attention to your work. Solve the problem. Be practical and be philosophical

Only fix things which are broken

The Image

Embrace the Earth. Rise to the occasion. Avoid rigidity. Study the Ancient Wisdom.

The Inside

Fit into the situation by accepting things the way they are. Good Fortune. After securing your position, throw a party for your friends. Good luck! The Butterfly plays with its friends. Attach yourself to people who will stimulate your growth as your life evolves. No blame. The Butterfly hides under a leaf. Be cautious when you meet adversaries. Pay attention! The Butterfly transforms the Universe. Dedicate your life to the Path of Truth. Fear nothing. Supreme Good Fortune! The Wise embody their ideals. A fanatic can only parrot ideas & beliefs. Be Real.

The Outside

The Bees begin their day. Trouble is coming. Stop everything! Be Careful! You can warn people of danger, but you cannot force them to avoid it. No blame. Avoid impulsiveness and impulsive people. No blame. Do not spill the pot. Carelessness and laziness bring misfortune. Watch out! Use your Imagination to overhaul the defect in this project. Some changes are necessary. Be Creative. The Bees are realistic. Do not expect to have your own way all of the time. Grow up!

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly changes everything. The Bees are realistic. Withdraw from society when you want to pursue Spiritual goals. No Blame.

5 : The Butterfly finds friends. Gather people who can help you eliminate longstanding problems, then you will be free to make a new beginning. Be sensible.

4 : The Butterfly explores the world. If you let it sit forever, it will rot. Be Aware.

3 : The Butterfly takes off. Clear up your own affairs. No great blame, just a bit of trouble. Be careful.

2 : The Butterfly stretches its wings. Do not allow sloppy work habits to hinder your progress. Pay attention.

1 : The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. The Bees begin their day. Good Fortune comes when you correct the mistakes of the past. Be Creative.

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