#21 : Spring

Nature regenerates in Spring.

Consider the direction in which you have been going. Have faith in the future. Make plans for how to get there. Be Receptive to change. You need to understand how other people think. Move towards Enlightenment.

Do not create Opposition. Strive for Progress. Look for people willing to help. Do not hire Stupid people. Divert Conflict. Move towards Deliverance.

Imagine. Inspire. Invent. Implement.

The Image

Feel what is going on. Strive for clarity. Speak your Mind. Illuminate the Sky.

The Inside

The Dragon Rests. If everything is organized, this represents only a minor set-back. Get Wise. The Dragon meets a closed door. Everyone must learn how to wait. Be patient. The Dragon conquers new territory. Only experienced help can deal with chanllenging situations. Do not hire anyone else. Be Aware. The Dragon is invisible. Maintain a low profile. No Blame. The Dragon makes the law simple and fair. Organize your life according to natural universal principles. Be Real. The Evil Dragon flies toward disaster. Destruction awaits those who misuse their powers. Misfortune.

The Outside

The Dragon remains calm. Do not aggravate the situation. Think! The Dragon Maintains confidence. A positive attitude encourages a harmonious outcome. Good Luck! The Dragon is invisible. Concentrate upon your real work in private. No Blame. The Dragon sees, but does not react. When a situation becomes tangled, sometimes it is best to let it run its course. Think! A Dragon's judgement is wise and fair, because it comes from a universal viewpoint, and the reality of the situation. Speak the truth without fear. No Blame. The Dragon is prepared in advance, and therefore fears nothing. Give it a shot. Go for it!

The Lines

Top : The Dragon attends the Gather! Celebrate victory, but do not get wasted. Get Wise.

5 : The Dragon succeeds! Encourage people in accomplishing their goals. Supreme Good Fortune!

4 : The Dragon acts without hesitation. Do what you must do, and prepare for the future. No Blame.

3 : The Dragon is flexible. Get your friends to help you into a new situation. Good Luck.

2 : The Dragon is patient. Cultivate the internal strength by developing a hidden talent. Good Fortune!

1 : The Dragon Halts! Do not react immediately when trouble threatens. Pay Attention!

Notes : The Dragon rests. The Dragon meets a closed door. The Dragon conquers new territory. The Dragon is invisible. The Dragon makes the law simple and fair. The Evil Dragon flies toward disaster.

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