#12 : Danger

Be aware, and pay attention, when you are in danger.

Stick to your principles. Seek to Provide. Recognize Danger. Repair damaged thinking. Adhere to Truth. Follow Enlightenment

Be aware of greed. Be patient. Maintain confidence. Follow through on promises. Be a positive Influence. Travel with harmony

Do not fear Danger

The Image

Know the world around you. Be aware of what people think. Understand prevailing attitudes. Learn to change.

The Inside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. Carry your own weight. Do not attach yourself to people, simply because of what they can give you. Be responsible! The Butterfly looks around. Be aware, or you may be attacked from behind. Watch out! The Butterfly explores the world. If you let it sit forever, it will rot. Be aware. Unity & harmony can only be established by those who speak the truth. Be honest. The Butterfly shows The Way. The Bees are wise. The Seeker approaches the Sage, and they unite their energies. Great Good Fortune!

The Outside

Provide for the Bees. Good Fortune comes when you find company that needs & regonizes your abilities. Be aware. If you are willing to work hard, you can take on & complete a large & responsible project. Good Fortune. Be self-reliant, & take immediate action. Be aware. If you have been conscientious about your work, it will be alright to push your own cause. No blame. Maintain an open mind. Good Luck.Do not alienate the Bees. Trouble captures those who fail to use their insight! Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly minds its own business. Do not alienate the Bees. If you cannot live in harmony, you will lose important friends. Misfortune!

5 : The Butterfly seeks a mate. Seek the advice of the Wise in times of danger, & listen!

4 : The Butterfly hides under a leaf. Be cautious when you meet adversaries. Pay attention!

3 : The Butterfly looks around. Be aware, or you may be attacked from behind. Watch out!

2 : The Butterfly stretches its wings. Employ restraint in using indirect methods, or in playing one faction against another. Be careful!

1 : The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Provide for the Bees. Conserve & develop your abilities, when your opportunities are limited. Be aware!

Danger's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












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