#10 : The Block

An obstruction is an opportunity.

Prepare Before Completion. Deal with your own Stupidity. Carry through a Deliverance. Recognize a Meeting. Face Opposition. Bring about a Return.

See how things will be After Completion. Dig a Well. Proceed with Love. Use Influence. Be Modest. Persist in Gradual Progress

Match internal and external changes to overcome Obstruction

The Image

Know the world you live in. Do not allow emotions to cloud your thinking. Understand your motives. Maintain emotional harmony.

The Inside

The Dragon halts! Do not react immediately when trouble threatens. Pay attention! No one has attained Enlightenment without developing a sense of humor. It is easier to alter the course of the Moon, than to explain a simple truth to a fool. Get it. The fool invites theft by displaying wealth. Misfortune! Everything will come together, if you will only put out an honest effort. Great Good Fortune! Strive to communicate. Do not allow opposition to blind your judgement. Great Good Fortune. Do not fail to come to terms. Come clean!

The Outside

The Dragon rests. If everything is organized, this represents only a minor set-back. Get wise. Talents & gifts of the mind, have value only when they are used. Be bold! Be friendly to all, but do not attach yourself to people who do not love you. Be sensible! Communicate with people. Do not manipulate them. Pay attention! Do not talk about how great you are. Don't you have something to do? Get real! Genius emanates from the Cosmic Mind, and its influence benefits everyone. Supreme Good Fortune!

The Lines

Top : The Sage always knows what to do. Assistance goes where it is needed. Good Fortune.

5 : Eliminate problems by channeling the right people in the right directions. Get Wise, & be careful.

4 : Make certain that people will adhere to their agreements. Pay attention!

3 : Retreat when the danger is too great. Do the smart thing. No blame.

2 : Be sensible. Face danger only when it is necessary. Be Careful.

1 : The Dragon rests. Wait for the opening before you make your move. Supreme Good Fortune.

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