Many people have imaginary childhood friends. Most of them disappear, when we grow up. Mine didn't. The Gremlin has always been around in my life, and when I got online, he soon followed me into the internet world, and began posting at various message boards. So here, for your amusement, and enlightenment are The Gremlin Pages...

Pleiadian Plaza

The Happy Garden

The Secret of the Green Man

The Gremlin's Diary

December 22, 2012
CNN Report by Aaron Brown

Dark Satire

The Lighter Thief

Gremlin Music Concert

Gremlin's Original Poison Ivy Massage Oil

Gremlin's Popular Songs for Pagans

Deadsponcelling, a Fantasy in 16 chapters

The Toilet Papered Tree

2009 Summer Solstice

Odder People's Stuffs

Who can save Love?

The Wise Uncle and the Divine Niece

The Argument of the Colors

The Yule Faeries

Beware the Grammar Nazis!

May the Farm Be with you!

The Big Oops!

Betty Boop in Wonderland

Classic Cartoons : 100 Betty Boop Cartoons

Classic Cartoons : 100 Merry Melodies Cartoons

Classic Comedy Digest One

100 Our Gang/Little Rascals video clips


Message from your Deepest Dreams

"We are your deepest dreams. We are what you hope most for. We are what impels you to all acts of kindness and creativity.

We have something that we need to tell you.

We will never happen, unless you make the effort to bring us into your world.

We are happy to live in our dream world, but our greatest desire, is to make our appearance in your world. We can speak to you while you are sleeping, and visit you in daytime musings, but we cannot bridge the gap without your help.

You must decide to make us come true. You can make us happen. It will take work, and much time, but if you persist, then everything you have ever hoped most deeply for, will come about.

Please give us Life.

Thank you,
Your Deepest Dreams"

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