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#23 Conflict

Conflict is a part of Life.

Embrace your Family in your heart. Become patient. Be observant. Let Love be your guide. Derive strength from Adversity. Hold the attitude of Success

Curb your Conduct. Endure difficulties. Meet the situation head on. Rid yourself of problem people. Move toward solutions. Do not quit

Conflict reveals character

The Image

Feel what is going on. Strive for clarity. Expand your horizons. Become the Spiritual Light.

The Inside

Maintain harmony by adhering to family organization & discipline. Be Aware. The Dragon listens without comment. Avoid conflict, and cultivate the internal strength. Meditate. Do not act rashly. Exercise caution, andyou can still save the situation. Be Aware! It is important to show people that you love them. Good Luck! The crazy Dragon slips through the net! Keep them laughing, and don't let them know what you are doing. Good luck. All situations serve to Enlighten those who are devoted to Truth. Supreme Good Fortune.

The Outside

Do your own thing, and mind your own business. Pay attention. Wait & endure trouble until people come to their senses. No Blame. Be Aware. Do not fall into a negative circle of influence. Pay attention. The Bees are prepared for anything. The Bees are prepared for anything. Take the long view, and sacrifice the short term goal in order to attain something more significant. Look ahead! The Dragon Succeeds! Encourage people in accomplishing their goals. Supreme Good Fortune! Do not allow negative thinking to hold you back. Look ahead!

The Lines

Top : Using conflict to solve your problems, can only lead to future conflicts. Be Aware!

5 : The Dragon succeeds! Speak the Truth without fear. No blame.

4 : The Bees are prepared for anything. Eliminate conflict by changing your attitude. Great Good Fortune!

3 : Let yourself be known by the work that you do. Danger and Good Fortune!

2 : The Butterfly understands joy. Avoid conflicts which will involve the entire neighborhood. Be smart!

1 : Do not bother to argue over small matters. Grow up!

Conflict's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












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