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#9 : Meditation

Clear your mind, and just sit.

Meditation brings Deliverance. Meditate for the sake of Meditation. Thunder cannot disturb true Meditation. Meditation creates Endurance. Meditation generates Happiness. Meditation produces Increase.

Meditation produces Grace. Meditation Repairs problems. Meditation creates clarity. Meditation is Travel. Meditation works Gradually. Meditation is Modest.

Meditation is its own end.

The Image

Know what the world is like. Know your own feelings. Avoid rigidity. Know the world for what it is.

The Inside

Recognize a good thing when you have it! Pay attention! You can warn people of danger, but you cannot force them to avoid it. No blame. Do not become upset by a sudden turn in events. Remain calm. No blame. The right method is more important that dogged persistance. Think! Avoid evil people, and their influences. Be aware. People will know if you are a jerk, and they may not like what they see. Will you? Pay attention.

The Outside

It is better to advance through your own efforts, than to depend upon your friends. Be self-reliant. The Butterfly stretches its wings. Do not allow sloppy work habits to hinder your progress. Pay attention. It is difficult, but favorable to split from a bad scene. Respect the Bees. Be thrifty, conscientious, and aware of what is going on. Be Sensible! Let the strength of your character speak for you, and do not believe everything that you see or hear. Be real! Do not be afraid to speak the truth, & act according to it. Be Bold.

The Lines

Top : Modesty comes from an understanding of the world, and the laws of nature. Supreme good fortune.

5 : Do not waste your time on talk. Concentrate on what is real. Get smart.

4 : Respect the Bees. You should sit and meditate. Get rid of your egotism. Grow up!

3 : Trying too hard is as bad as not trying at all. Seek the Middle Way. Be realistic!

2 : The Butterfly stretches its wings. You can warn people of danger, but you cannot force them to avoid it. No blame.

1 : Be sensible. Always pause, and think before you act. Be Creative!

Meditation's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside






The Split






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