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In the Tibetian Mandala of the Wheel of Life, they show three animals at the center, who keep this world of illusion turning. They are a Pig, a Rooster, and a Snake. The Pig represents Greed. The Rooster represents false pride or ignorance. The Snake represents duplicity, malice & hatred.

In Buddhism they don't believe in Satan, or any evil entity who causes all the problems in the world. Instead they talk about Ignorance, and they teach that our Ignorance is the cause of all suffering.

The greedy pig. The strutting cock. The snake in the grass.

Nasty images, aren't they? I'd rather they weren't in my world. Here are three images I much prefer :

The Sheltering Tree
The Fool on the Hill
Musicians at a Concert

Yes, I prefer a world that revolves around Compassion, Wisdom, & Joy!

The Three Images

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