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#19 : Dispersion

Just as a snake sheds its skin, sometimes one must get rid of what one no longer needs.

Be self-reliant. Be a Well-spring. Eliminate small thinking. Gather the useful. Learn from experience. Restrain selfishness.

Begin with Truth. Think before you take action. Be persistent and Gentle. Do not allow Conflict to take root. Do not let Fools rule the roost. Trouble destroys itself.

Clear the way, so that work can be done.

The Image

Feel what is going on. Recognize the time for action. Be clear about your goals. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

Greed is not becoming upon one who seeks respect. Misfortune! Talents and gifts of the Mind have value only when they are used. Be bold! The Bees save for the future. Budget your resources or you will experience blame. Think. The Bees have character. Win confidence through your dedication to work. Be creative. Praise the Bees. A good ruler will employ the wisest minds within the empire. Great Good Fortune. The Bees live within the Cycle of Life. Through restraint, the Wise create order and harmony in the world. Success!

The Outside

Adhere to Turth in all of your business, and be aware of intentions. Pay attention. Contemplate the letter of the law, when dealing with bureaucrats to smoothly accomplish your goals. Pay Attention! If you procrastinate forever, you will accomplish nothing. Misfortune. Eliminate conflict by changing your attitude. Great good fortune! Seek and give advice and assistance with humility. Great good fortune. The Butterfly sees in all directions. Trouble captures those who refuse to see what is happening. Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : The Bees can sting. The Butterfly sees in all directions. It takes bravery and cunning to avoid violence while protecting the community from danger. No blame.

5 : The Bees love order and beauty. Use wisdom to eliminate disunity. Great Good Fortune!

4 : The Bees are prepared for anything. Take the long view, and sacrifice the short term goal in order to attain something more significant. Look ahead!

3 : The Bees work for the Colony. Replace personal motivations with universal ones. Supreme Good Fortune!

2 : The Bees are cooperative. When the causes of separation lie within yourself, dissolve the narrow thinking which perpetuates the problem. Get wise!

1 : The Bees plan ahead. It is essential to know how to disperse disunity before it develops into real trouble. Good luck.

Note : The Bees save for the future.

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