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The following creates the leader.

Don't pressure yourself. Control your impulses. Fix your attitude. Be real. Adjust your perspective. Do not fear Danger.

Gather the community. Spread Happiness. Change the situation. Make the Start. Sound the call. Be genuine

Be one who brings people together

The Image

Lightning strikes! Think about your attitudes. Expand your horizons. Be gracious.

The Inside

Be very careful when you are alone on the Path of life. Be aware. In a difficult situation it is advantageous to pretend that you did not see everything that is going on. Play Dumb! The Butterfly takes off. Clear up your own affairs. No great blame, just a bit of trouble. Be careful. Ask for advise only when you need it, otherwise mind your own business. Get smart. The Butterfly finds friends. Gather people who can help you eliminate longstanding problems, then you will be free to make a new beginning. Be sensible. The Butterfly minds its own business. Do not alienate the Bees. If you cannot live in harmony, you will lose important friends. Misfortune!

The Outside

The Bees love honesty. The Butterfly loves Beauty. When you are sincere, gathering together is as simple as a handshake. Great Good Fortune! Do not allow diversions to sway you from your goal. Be steadfast. Make changes only when necessary. Good luck. The car breaks down. If you can find another vehicle, you can get things done anyway. Think! Stay on the Path throughout all of the troubles that life can bring. Danger, and Good Fortune! The Bees are wise. Perhaps you can't do anything right, because you are trying to do the impossible. Stop that!

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly shows The Way. The Bees are wise. The Seeker approaches the Sage, and they unite their energies. Great Good Fortune!

5 : The Butterfly transforms the Universe. Dedicate your life to the Path of Truth. Fear nothing. Supreme Good Fortune!

4 : The Butterfly avoids spiders. Do not attach yourself to parasites. Concentrate upon what is important. Pay attention.

3 : The Butterfly plays with its friends. Attach yourself to people who will stimulate your growth as your life evolves. No blame.

2 : The Butterfly finds pollen and nectar. Realize that you cannot mix good and bad company with any hope of success. Get Wise!

1 : The Butterfly loves Beauty. The Bees love honesty. Be aware of all opinions, and able to deal with all kinds of people. Be sensible.

Following's Circle of Friends

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The Start








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