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#39 Innocence

The original state of mind is innocence.

Pace yourself. Be Powerful. Restrain your impulses. Recognize your Limitations. Press forward. Explore.

See the problem. Adhere to principles. Enjoy your Friends. Do the work. Make a statement. Create a Following

Be natural and genuine

The Image

Lightning strikes! Think about your attitudes. Expand your horizons. Become the Spiritual Light.

The Inside

Be very careful when you are alone on the Path of life. Be aware. Hard work eventually pays off, if you refrain from boasting about your position. Be aware. The Bees cooperate with each other. With an ally you can undertake bold ventures. Be wary, prepared, and have a definate aim in view. Good luck. The Bees adapt to the situation. Flow with the current to get into the correct position. Relax. The Bees are persistent. Do not become intoxicated by success. Maintain the methods, organization & discpline that put you where you are. Think! Do not alienate the Bees. Trouble captures those who fail to use their insight! Misfortune!

The Outside

Always be prepared for a retreat. Look ahead! Persevere in your tasks. Maintain a low profile. Good fortune. Do not allow your attitude to generate mistrust. Be real. Follow the Middle Way, and serve the people in order to accomplish larger goals. Be Real. Strive always to be just and fair, and remember that you are responsible for the results. Be Realistic! The Butterfly shows The Way. The Bees are wise. The Seeker approaches the Sage, and they unite their energies. Great Good Fortune!

The Lines

Top : The Bees are wise. The Butterfly shows The Way. Perhaps you can't do anything right, because you are trying to do the impossible. Stop that!

5 : The Bees relate to what is happening. If you didn't break it, you don't have to fix it. No blame.

4 : The Bees do not give up. Stay on the Path. Nothing that you really need can ever be taken from you. Look ahead!

3 : The Bees spot opportunities. If it is left out in the open, anyone can come and take it. Be Aware!

2 : The Bees work. Do not count upon the success of all of your projects. Do the best you can anyway. Good luck.

1 : The Bees know things. The Butterfly lands on a Blossom. Follow your Intuition. Great Good Fortune!

Note : The Bees adapt to the situation.

Innocence's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside


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